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Interpretation is the process of changing a message from a "source" language into a "target" language in real time, usually by speaking. This service is most often used to allow fast-paced accessibility and interaction in various settings such as workplaces, meetings, medical or legal appointments, community events, etcetera.

Our interpreters provide face-to-face, virtual or phone services. We also offer different modes of interpretation, which include Simultaneous (in which the speaker and interpreter talk at the same time) and Consecutive (in which the speaker pauses to let the interpreter talk), among others, depending on your needs, the appointment format, technology requirements, participants and anything else. Every assignment is different, but our goal is for all of them to succeed.


"Our publishing company has used the services of Communication Essentials LLC on many occasions. The firm has translated both Portuguese and Japanese text into English for us.
Their services have always been prompt and professional. We look forward to working with them in the future"


Barron Publishing Co

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